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EZ Looper dm2 software

what is it?

EZ Looper is an application build for dj\'s and livemusicians, originally intended to control it with the MIDIMAN DM2 controller (still works). Its build in 100% pure C++. Basically its just a djplayer with :

Why another djplayer?

First of all, I was not fully satisfied with the software which came with my mixman dm2 controller. When a producer/dj designs his liveset, sometimes sticking with minimalistic stuff can make things more pleasant. After trying zillions of dj-players, I concluded that it was better to redirect this energy towards building a minimalistic player. I wanted to create a simple loop tool, but it evolved into this since the looppoints arent really stable.


The main focus is that you should be able to dj with your eyes closed. A lot of djplayers/sequencers have complex interfaces with tiny fonts, dangerous complex MIDI-options. The workflow should be : get on stage,start your laptop+program, close your laptop and party!



check the google code project here


Chances for updates are very rare since I kind of abanded the idea which started this app.

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