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Massaging .xi and .sf2 instruments to AIFF/WAV with looppoints

UPDATE: precompiled binaries (ARM32/x86/x86_64) coming soon

I was working on these utilities for SF2/XI instrument inspection/conversion and what not more. The tools might be buggy, but serve as a good startingpoint, as I did not find any other simple sourcecode which does this on the commandline.


There are many looped instruments out there (.xi/.sf2), and there are many software DAW`s (cubase/ableton) and hardware tools (electribe esx/old samplers) which support .wav looppoints. However, there isnt many software out there which uses these features. Also, conversion tools usually cannot be used in batch, which can be a big pita.


The purpose of this package

How it works

The samples and loopingmetadata are extracted from the instrumentfiles, and converted to raw- and txt-files. The shellscript 'convert' easifies batchprocessing of directories.

(IMPORT)NOTE: libsndfile generally always produces 16bit PCM (little endian) output



git clone http://
cd instr2raw
make all



./sf2toraw in/bass.sf2 outdir
./xitoraw in/chord1.xi outdir

inject loopppoints:

./raw2wav out/chord1.raw out/chord1.wav
./loopinject out/chord1.wav 100 200 out/chord1-looped.wav

or to batch directories:

mkdir in out
# copy all your instrument files to directory 'in' 
./convert instr2raw foo.xi out
./convert instr2raw foo.sf2 out
./convert rawdir2wav outdir

or a whole collection at once:

mkdir outdir
./convert dir myinstrumentdir outdir


For more verbose output run the convert command with '—verbose' as last argument. Also, if you feel up to it, turn on the DEBUG-flag in the Makefile for crazy verboseness =]. sf2toraw and xi2raw also generate loopfiles which the shellscript convert uses for batchpurposes. But with little effort you can inject loopdata into aiff/wav-files yourself. You can just call the loopinject command manually and insert the looppoints.




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