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Flexible sql columns


When developing in never-ending iterations on a webproduct which is already in production, adding/laltering columns can have disastrous results.

How to deal with it

Many things can be solved in many ways. So, many people would suggest something like better testing, better deployment strategies. However, I might have another interesting suggestion: keep away from altering/adding columns.

Possible Solution: a yaml column

YAML is an awesome text markup which allows structures defined by text.


receipt: Oz-Ware Purchase Invoice
date: 2007-08-06
    given: Dorothy
    family: Gale

So, why not add a 'yaml' column on certain tables which you expect to have more 'wild' columns? You can even automate yaml-encoding/decoding upon often expected actions (Database CRUD operations).



The sutra PHP framework is a great example who exploits this feature: as soon as the databaselayer sees an 'yaml'-column, it automatically encodes/decodes it. The result is a very comfortable way of programming just with associative arrays, no need to worry about yaml-conversions.

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