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Mobile webapps are great


Developing native apps which are only informative is usually a waste of money

What are native apps

Native apps are apps made for a particular platform (as in android or iOS). They need a particular programmer which has experience with that particular platform.

Benefits native apps

What are informative apps?

Apps which just do basic stuff like displaying information, pictures, sounds and video.

What are webapps?

Webapps are basically HTML5/Webkit-applications which are supported by all major smartphone/tabletdevices.

Advantages of webapps over native apps

Authors experience

I did several projects, and I'm quite enthousiast about this webapps-movement. Eventhough its pretty new, I already had quite some satisfied customers.

Why do I think its the bomb?

You have been warned

As you might have noticed, webapps are NOT native apps, and are NOT submitted to any (apple) store. Because of that, you have to consider the following things:

Other then that, its the next step since the applestore's restrictions are getting more and more strict (because of the growing amount of apps).


Mobile webapps is what you should look for in the 1st place nowadays!

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