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Bashscript to document REST api


Sometimes projects are too tiny for fullblown offline docgenerators (doxygen/phpdoc(tor)) or online services like (I/O mashable or Apigee).


I was in a creative mood..and made this shellscript which scans php-files for certain REST-related commenttags, and turns it into html.

It's kind of a minimalist startingpoint to get any type of custom documentation generated from sourcecode.


Definately a quickndirty one, but it works for me at least. Its really easy to create/generate/update REST-documentation like this. All information is a central place: the sourcecode. Also its easy to create a pdf-handout for this: just rightclick in your browser -> print -> toPDF. Just keep it in mind as a handy script to include in your doc/buildchain.


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