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Visual Coffee Sutra #2

Feeling energetic without coffee is easy. If you have to wakeup at 07:00, try setting the alarm at 06:00, remove the pillow and see what happens.

Coffee vs Hypnopompic vs Slow Digestion

Tiredness, Slowness and Hypnopompic symptoms are usually 'solved' by coffee. People with slow digestion-problems also usually 'solve' it with coffee. Coffee as an addiction however, has many obstacles Ofcoarse, all these obstacles can introduce other obstacles as well. Why not introduce fibers/linseed/tea instead (for fast digestion) and respect your biorythms, instead of hijacking your system with coffee habitually?


Lying down, and waking up can can cause feelings of drowsiness. Therefore, divide your sleepingritual into 2 stages (with / without pillow):

Ever wondered why yogi's prefer meditating with a straight spine? After practicing this few times, removing the pillow can reverse the drowsiness-process, and skip hypnopomic symptoms when waking up.

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